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Erä- ja Hevospalvelut Huttunen Ay

The entrepreneur is Petri Huttunen, who has solid experience in fishing and hunting. Petri has been a fish guide for over 20 years.


Versatile batching skills have been accumulating since a young boy. Petri is able to conjure up delicious meals from catches from batch trips. He has completed 2015-2016 Program Service Provider training.


Horse-side experience as an owner and breeder for many years. Currently, three breeding mares are owned. In the future, the aim is to expand breeding operations with new breeding plants.


We have two Game Line of Labrador Retriever for hunting.


The equipment includes a Buster XL and a smaller motor boat for fishing. In addition, there is an ATV and two snowmobiles.


We organize duck and pigeon yachts in our own 5 hectares of forest and wetland. In addition, the possibility of chicken hunting. In winter we organize ice fishing and net trips.


We also sell products through Skin Line.

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